All the famous penguins to invite:

  1. Rockhopper(can not invite him unless you meet him).
  2. Sensei(the same).
  3. Coolboy.
  4. Pigenou.
  5. Debatefreak.
  6. Marcin123.
  7. Master.
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Strange pigenou

Once on club penguin lived a penguin called pigenou,

He is strange he has strange friends

Some friends arent strange because some of them are Rockhopper,

Sensei,Black Ninja, so pigenou mixed rockhopper Sensei and Black ninja together

and he talked how they all talked.Hes somewhere on club penguin now but hes not on club penguin everyday.Ill tell you something scary….That Im pigenou se me on club penguin i go to the servers fog,Mammoth and the places mostly pet shop,gift shop,restaurant, dance club bye scary mood… be continiued

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Hello world!

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